Monday, 20 July 2015

Moments in Time

The Icing on the Cake!
An Anniversary
‘Friends and wine…’ reads the message on the anniversary cake the five of us are about to cut, ‘… the older, the better!’.
 An unbelievable thirty years has passed since we first met as young mums-to-be at our antenatal class, but the friendship we discovered back then remains as strong as ever. My goodness, how these women have been there for me! We’re very different personalities who forged a common bond over the vexed question, ‘does yours do this?’ In the beginning, ‘does yours do this?’ applied to our new babies but has subsequently applied to toddlers, teenagers, husbands and, lately, body parts. Sigh. Many thanks Hazel, Julia, Rosemary and Ann for your love and support - and special thanks to Hazel for the amazing cake!

Here’s to the next thirty years!

A New Discovery
‘Fancy trying that new Persian restaurant?’ Tom asks Ma. Ma, who is up for anything new, readily agrees so we trot down the road from her house to Miniature in Epsom’s Upper High Street and have an absolutely delightful evening. The food’s delicious, the atmosphere’s calm and relaxing and our waiter, Navid, not only tells us about the dishes but explains some of the culture and history behind the cuisine too. Well worth trying if you’re in the area.

A successful evening!

A Meeting of Four Generations
I’ve been so looking forwards to seeing Ma meet her first great-grandchild and it’s a wonderful moment with each being fascinated by the other. Even the weather’s kind to us; warm and sunny so we can take plenty of photos to capture some memories we’ll always treasure.

Giving Ma the Beady Eye!
Four Generations

And Finally... where did that time go?

Monday, 13 July 2015

In the Pink

Yes!’ I hear myself exclaim, ‘and she’s very alert too!’ The shop assistants, who’ve been gathering round the pram making noises about how dainty and pretty my new granddaughter is, smartly return to work before Proud Nana can warm to her theme. It’s taken less than a month for me to become That Woman who attributes superpowers to her grandchild! 

I’ve come to spend a few days with the new family to help them catch their breath, but as Lily and I steer a wonky path, juggling new baby, new pram, new parasol and new sunhat on what should be a perfectly straightforward walk in the sunshine, I’m reminded of just how many complications one tiny little person can create! But, oh, so much joy and wonder too! 

 There’s nothing more flattering than the intent stare of a new baby in your arms, listening with rapt attention while you spout forth on everything from the birdies outside the window to James Naughtie’s departure from Today. It’s brilliant to see how quickly she’s changing and becoming herself… did I mention I’m convinced she can already say ‘hello’?

On Saturday, Tom picks me up from Cardiff and we drive to Bristol to help Rose and Si move into their new flat, along with Si’s mum and stepdad. Rose and Si are relocating from Surrey and we’re all delighted they’ll be so much nearer so it makes for a very jolly day. Here’s wishing them every happiness for their new adventure.

It’s been lovely spending time with all my girlies. My dad rather ambitiously hoped for six daughters, but my sister and I did our best to boost the number of women in the family by producing two daughters each. He would have been thrilled to bits to see my daughters getting on with their lives and to have had a great-granddaughter. ‘Our house has turned pink,’ says my son-in-law, Russ, at one point, looking a bit perplexed as he holds up a pile of little baby gros in every shade of the colour… all I can say, Russ, is that’s just the beginning!