Monday, 4 January 2016

Sunshine in the Rain

‘Happy New Year!’ my dear friend, Jill, and I chorus, delighted to hear each other’s voices. We start to swap news which quickly becomes a reciprocal roll call of the sick, the dead and the fragile elderly. ‘Whatever happened to fun?’ we ask ourselves, laughing as we recall our carefree younger selves in our dark green school uniform and ridiculous platform shoes.

Many moments of 2015 were not much fun, but it was the year when I had the most precious gift of all, that of seeing my new granddaughter come into the world. And lately, when we’ve spent many, many hours on dark, rain-soaked roads, or waiting by my mother-in-law’s hospital bed, I’ve had to remind myself to look for the joy in each day, to remember there is light in the gloom.

We were fortunate to be able to share Christmas with my daughters, our sons-in-law and our granddaughter. One blustery day, we took Smallest Person to the beach and it was an utter delight to see the world afresh through her eyes, seeing her lifting her face to look at the wide sky, frowning at the wind and listening to the roar of the sea. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons we love babies… although when Bee screamed the place down in protest at being left in our care whilst her parents went out to see Star Wars it was a powerful reminder of why we have them when we’re young!

Last year didn’t going according to my plans, so no big resolutions this year, just a mental note to make the most of every day… and have some fun. Here are a
 few things that have cheered me up so far: My family and good friends.  Good reads: Liz Harris’s informative, uplifting novel, The Lost Girl and Viv Albertine’s searingly frank, funny and painful autobiography, Clothes, Clothes, Clothes. Music, Music, Music. Boys, Boys, Boys.   Running, running, running – and being rewarded with a rainbow on a wet day.

And this…whilst every single one of my writing resolutions turned to dust, I did have a very lucky break at the end of 2015.  Opening the post to see my feature article in The English Home magazine made me very happy indeed.

Here's wishing you a happy, healthy and joyful New Year.

The painting is 'Coast near Dinas' by Tom Tomos